Monday, October 10, 2011

Dafa888’s October Live Games Tournament

Heat up your October as Dafa888, Asia’s best online casino, launches a grand tournament for live games enthusiasts like you! The high, proud and mighty quest for Live Games All-Star Champion is open to all real money Dafa888 players.

We’re making this tournament more amazing for you as you don’t have to pay any fee. Just register for the tourney, place your bets at our live casino games tables and you're good to go for our $2,700 October Live Games Tournament!

Winning is so easy as you just need to play as many hands as you can on any live games at Dafa888 to be part of the weekly rankings. Players who will be part of the weekly rankings will receive corresponding points, and extra casino bonuses will be given to the weekly top 3 players on the leader board ranking.

So what are you waiting for? Climb your way to the top and accumulate points today to win prizes based on your total points at the end of the final tournament session. Show off those card and table
game skills you have to our live dealers and keep the money rolling as we take you to another unforgettable online betting experience.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dafa888’s Ultimate Slots Tournament

Are you ready to spice up your online betting experience?

From September to October, participate in the most anticipated online casino event in the planet, Dafa888’s “Ultimate Slots Tournament”!

Yes, you heard that right. Asia’s best online casino gives you a slots tournament that’s guaranteed to get you hooked in those reels. It’s definitely a crack that will bring you a kind of casino excitement that will make you go schizo!

What makes this tournament SO great?

IT IS FREE! Rather than paying for a tournament entrance fee, your money gets to be spent in something more worthwhile…like spinning those reels!

So how does it work? Just spin as many reels as you can!

Top 10 players with the most hands played will qualify for the preliminary leader board rankings, which will take place from September 26 to October 2. So hurry up and start climbing that leader board and you could win as much as $100 in the preliminary rounds alone!

We’re not finished though, because once you’re part of the top 10 players you are automatically qualified for the final round. This will be held from October 3 to 9, where the top 3 ranked players will not only get the lion’s share of the $1900 online casino bonus pot, but will also have the bragging rights as they are named Dafa888’s best slots players!

Playing slot games is absolutely a WHOA! Aside from the $1,900 tournament bonus pool, all players have a chance to take home the growing $3M progressive jackpot just by spinning those reels.

Why waste time? Rush your way to Dafa888 now and register for the tournament to qualify.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Be One of Dafa888’s Betting Champion

Do you enjoy playing slot machine games or live dealer games like baccarat and blackjack? Dafa888 knows what you want that’s why we’re making sure that your stay at home during weekdays will be fun and exciting!

How to be crowned as a Weekly Betting Champion?
Look forward to your weekdays as you can get more of what you enjoy. This September, Asia’s best online casino site offers amazing bonus prizes that will indulge you to pleasurable weekdays at Dafa888! Show off your skills and be part of the Slots or Live Games Leader Board, and get a SGD200 or MYR 500 bonus prize when you are the top online betting player for either of the two leader boards.

At Dafa888, you can get more benefits that you truly deserve. Bet now and you might just be crowned as one of the top betting champions to win the online casino bonus prize! That’s not all as you can also have a chance to be instantly upgraded to

a higher VIP level if you become the overall top betting player for slots or live games leader board. Great privileges await you when you become part of the VIP circle, so don’t waste this opportunity to get into the game and play your way to the top rank. Winning is just few steps away! Be in the mood to play different casino games here at Dafa888.

*This promotion is only valid to Singaporean and Malaysian real money account players using SGD or MYR as currencies.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dafa888’s European and Asian Live Games Tournament

Following the huge success of the “Live Games Battle of the Champions” promotion last July, Asia’s best online casino, Dafa888 brings you yet another exciting tournament this August. You can now join the “European and Asian Live Games Tournament” and get a chance to win up to USD800! Attain the highest number of hands in any European or Asian live games and be part of the weekly leader boards.

Not yet clear? Well, let me explain to you the mechanics for this tournament.

1. First thing you need to do is register for the tournament battles. You can opt to register in either or both the European and Asian live games group and which tournament schedule you wish to play in (you can join in all schedules if you wish).

2. Now you can start online betting at any of the available Asian or European Live Games tables and play with our live dealers! Your main objective is to accumulate points every week.

3. To accumulate points you would have to be part of the top 10, either in the European or Asian leader board. Rankings will be based on the number of hands or games you’ve played per week. You can have better chances of being part of the leader boards just by playing more games. Remember to have your eyes in achieving top rank as rankings have corresponding points attached to it. The higher rank you are in, the higher the points you can get.

4. The top 3 players who are part of the weekly leader board rankings will receive USD80, USD50 and USD20 respectively.

5. The 10 players who will be part of the final European and Asian leader board rankings will receive bonus prizes corresponding to their total accumulated points during the entire promotion period.
Climb your way to the top of the leader board rankings every week and you can win as much as USD800!

If you want to know more about this amazing tournament promotion visit Dafa888 now!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Weekend Festivities at Dafa888

Do you spend most of your time working in the office, and you’re looking forward to the weekends for some relaxation and recreation?

Dafa888 Casino knows your sentiment that’s why we’re making sure that you’ll enjoy your weekends this July! Take a few days of respite to escape the stressful week you have and find time to indulge yourself on enjoyable weekends with great bonus prizes at Dafa888 Casino.

How to make your weekends more festive?

Make your weekend more special than ever this month as Asia’s best online casino site launches a promotion called the “Weekend Casino Betting Champion”. With this exciting new promotion, bigger prizes are surely up for grabs! Liven up one of your favourite past time by visiting Dafa888 during weekends as we give away 0.5% additional cash back bonus prize of up to SGD1,000 or MYR 2,500 to the top betting player for each weekend.

To be crowned as a weekend betting champion, you simply need to play and bet on various Dafa888 casino games. Aim to be the top betting player during any weekend of July, and you can win the 0.5% additional cash back bonus prize. Bonus prize will be based on total bets made by the top betting player during that weekend. Bet now and you might get the chance to win up to SGD1,000 or MYR2,500 this month!

That’s not all! If you didn’t achieve to be crowned as the top betting player, you can still get an instant SGD10 or MYR25 free bonus if you reach a betting amount of more than SGD2,000 or MYR5,000 during weekend.

What are you waiting for? Play now and make your weekends more exciting!

*This promotion is only valid to Singaporean and Malaysian real money account players using SGD or MYR as currencies.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dafa888 Welcomes New Players with Great Offers

Opening an online casino account is easy, albeit, a bit scary for first-timers. First time casino players usually feel hesitant and expect that they could immediately have money losses upon joining online casinos. Dafa888 understands though, that is why Asia’s best online casino site offers two generous promotions to kick your casino careers off to the best possible start. Expect huge cash bonuses and other rewards coming your way the minute you finish registering and making a first time deposit in your Dafa888 account.

Generous Welcome Offers

Dafa888’s “clubs’ welcome offers” promotion has been around for quite some time and has never failed to make newcomers feel valued.

New players are automatically eligible to be a member of the cash back club upon sign up. Being a member of this club entitles you to get up to 1.2% cash back as you play no matter if you win or lose. You can also enjoy unlimited cash back which you can claim anytime. Aside from these perks, you’ll definitely have a fun time as you can enjoy a higher table limit for live baccarat games.

Wait! We’re not yet done! If you don’t like cash back rewards you can always choose to join our Slots Club or Loyalty Club.

Love slots? Slots Club is just the right club for you!

Being a slots player surely has its perks. If you really enjoy playing slot games, join Slots Club and make your first deposit today to get 100% up to $500 welcome bonus. Moreover, you can also get a reload bonus of 15% up to $2,000 on your deposits monthly! That’s not all; you can earn double cash points and benefit from a better cash point exchange rate just by playing online slot games.

Want to get monthly bonuses? Be a Loyalty Club member!

Bonuses are coming your way if you join Loyalty Club today. Get your 100% welcome bonus up to $100 just by making a first deposit to your account. Loyalty Club members are also entitled to get monthly first deposit bonus and second deposit bonus that will surely entice you to deposit and play more online casino games. Surely these are those bonuses you’ve been looking for!

Exclusive Welcome Bonuses

This July, Dafa888 welcomes all Singaporean and Malaysian players with new generous welcome offers. We’re treating new players with higher first deposit bonuses for a limited-time only.

Register and deposit today to claim either the 100% up to SGD800 or MYR2,000 welcome bonus for Slots Club members or the 100% up to SGD200 or MYR500 welcome bonus for Loyalty Club members!

Great offers for new players are awaiting you at Dafa888 so make your deposits now!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dafa888's Battle of the Champions

This July, the best online casino site in Asia, Dafa888 launches one of their most exciting and competitive tournaments to date--the “Live Games Battle of the Champions”! This will surely be a clash of the casino titans as novice and professional players compete to top the leader boards and eventually take home the ultimate prize!

Want to join? Here's how.

The tournament consists of two battles and is divided into two leader board factions—the Asian and European Leader Boards. To join, you simply need to register for the tournament and decide whether you wish to compete in either the Asian or European live games group. Participants can compete in both battles (1st and 2nd battle), but can only register in one group. Meaning if you registered for the Asian Live Games group, only your bets on Asian live games will be counted for the leader board rankings; if you chose to play for the European Live Games group then only your bets for the European live games will be valid for the leader board rankings.

The top 5 betting players in the Asian and European leader boards per tournament battle will take home bonus prizes that can reach up to $800. There will be a maximum of 20 deserving winners for the entire duration of the promotion!

If you think you have what it takes to top the leader boards then visit and register now to join the battle!